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At XE, our mission is to facilitate global commerce. We are an idea-driven, customer-dedicated, and technology-focused firm with a commitment to creating the best foreign exchange solutions for the world.
As the world's trusted currency authority, XE.com ranks among the top 400 sites in the world. We serve over 22 million unique visitors each month with a variety of tools and services including the XE Currency Converter, forex market analysis, and the XE Currency App, which has received over 40 million downloads. Since 2002, XE Trade Money Transfers has processed more than $10 billion in global payments and served thousands of businesses and individuals. Additionally, the XE Currency Data is used by thousands of businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. As leaders in our industry, we continually strive to be innovative and always work to improve our products.
In 1993, two friends fresh out of university joined forces to start a company. Steven Dengler and Beric Farmer started out from a basement office, offering computer consulting and internet services. A couple of years later, the duo introduced a demo currency converter to show clients how interactive the internet could be. As the years passed, it was clear that they were running the web’s dominant currency tool and started to focus on XE’s currency services. With years of hard work, Steven, Beric, and the XE team cultivated this tool into the world’s largest currency brand - XE. Today, XE is one of the last remaining independent first-wave Internet companies around.
The XE Currency app reaches over 25 million downloads.
XE celebrates its 20th anniversary as one of the last remaining independent first-wave Internet companies.
XE Market Analysis is launched on XE.com, giving users daily insights on market activity.
XE is named Greater Toronto Top Employer and is repeatedly selected in subsequent years.
The first XE Currency mobile app is launched. It is downloaded a million times in the first year.
Currency Charts, Graphs, and Forex News are launched on the website.
XE moves its office once again, this time to Newmarket. The office continues to expand overtime.
The "Universal Currency Converter" and "XE" are trademarked in Canada. Both are eventually registered in the USA, EU and around the world.
To meet customers' demands, XE Trade is launched, offering easy and secure online money transfers.
The company officially changes its name to XE.com Inc.
Xenon Laboratories begin to focus on its currency and foreign exchange tools and services full time.
The Universal Currency Converter is launched. Within a few years, it becomes the world's most popular currency tool.
XE moves HQ from the basement of a farmhouse to an office in downtown Toronto.
Xenon Laboratories Incorporated is founded by two high school friends, Steve and Beric.